Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Time for a more cheering post, I think....

Thank you for your kind words, people, both those left on the blog and sent by email.  I am, of course, absolutely fine now although I am aware that there is still some underlying emotional fragility hanging about; if I start to think about the things that were upsetting me so much on Friday night/Saturday morning, I can still feel myself choking and my eyes welling up with tears so I'm just being sensible and not dwelling on any of that and letting it overpower me.  Last Friday night/Saturday morning I was completely incapable of controlling it but now I am so that's progress, I suppose.  I'm not looking forward to any more future episodes, though.

Who'd be a woman, eh?

Anyway, time for a more cheering post, I think.

If you recall, at the end of November I finished off and framed a set of four Mexican Sugar Skulls that I had cross stitched over the previous month:

A couple of days ago I decided that they needed to join in with the Christmas festivities.  Rather than just wrap some tinsel around the frames, I felt they would look more jolly wearing hats and such like.

An hour or so searching Google images resulted in this:

And finally all together:

I'm thinking I may give them a summer wardrobe as well, although it'll mostly be sunglasses and straw hats.

As I was posting these pictures, it's just dawned on me that we have a lot of pictures on our walls, mostly of landscapes, and I'm thinking some of them could be enhanced with images of Santa and his sleigh in the sky and a snowman in the field.... 

And I also have a couple of seascapes which could do with three ships going sailing by....

And a woodland scene that's just begging to have a christmas tree with baubles added....

Guess I worked out what I'm going to be up to today!!

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Helen Brocklebank said...

i love those mexican skulls, and i love them even more now they've been Christmassed. It rather reminded me of the Grayson Perry show at the British Museum, which is similarly playful and very cheering. If you've not seen it, I can really really recommend going along. A real filip.