Friday, 16 December 2011

I'm Number One - again!!!!

Well, feck my old boots.

Yesterday I posted on Facebook about my blackberry vodka blog posting being the top result out of over 3 million other pages on Google ('cos if I don't blow my own trumpet, who will?).  One of my friends offered congratulations and suggested that I'd found a niche market that I ought to exploit.  I was writing a reply to him along the lines that I'd posted on my blog several other 'how to' guides - with photos - but they were mainly to do with cooking and these obviously weren't as popular as they didn't include alcohol.  Before I could write it though, I remembered that I'd done another one on How to Fuse Dichroic Glass, that was fully accompanied with photos, like the others.

So I went to Google, entered 'how to fuse dichroic glass' and, guess what?  Yep, first result again!  Perhaps not quite so impressive this time as it was only number one out of nearly 100,000 other pages, but even so.

I'm a bit gobsmacked really.  When I was talking to TLH last night about the vodka one, he said that it would be a self-promoting thing now since as it was the first result at the top of the results page, it would most likely be the one that people click on first so it's likely to stay top for quite a while.  And now there's the dichroic glass one to add to it too.

And to think last year I applied for an online job writing 'How To' guides that would have paid me per number of clicks each guide received, but they never got back to me.....

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OmegaMom said...

I used to be Number One on Google with "How to Make Sugar Cookies", but, alas, times have changed, and other sugar cookie makers have takken my laurels away.