Thursday, 15 December 2011

Anyone got any paintings they want Christmassed?

So, remember yesterday?  When I decided to 'enhance' my Mexican Sugar skull cross stitch thingies?  And how I suddenly realised I was surrounded by MORE pictures that I could also 'enhance'?

Well, after publishing that last post, I went to town.  And then I came back and started searching for images.  I didn't really go to town but as I was typing it I thought it was a really odd phrase for just getting on with something.

Anyway, I had a look at some of the pictures we have and decided which ones I wanted to embellish.  I chose these (the photos are taken at a slight angle to reduce light reflection):

This is a very big print that hangs above our sofa.

This is a gorgeous medium sized original watercolour of nearby Peaslake Woods in autumn that I got from a local Art Society exhibition.

 This is a large signed print of a beach in Scotland.

This is an original pen and ink drawing of Albi in France that hangs above my piano.

Finally this is a framed poster we got when we visited Interlaken, Murren and Grindelwald in Switzerland a few summers back.  It hangs just outside our kitchen door.

I managed to find Christmassy themes for all of them and printed out suitable images, cut them out and stuck them on the glass with bluetack (all the pictures have glass in the frames and I stick the images to the glass).

The first one, I felt, was perfect for a snowman in the field and Santa's sleigh passing overhead:

The woodland scene needed a decorated Christmas tree in there:

The seascape called for Three Ships coming sailing by:

The pen and ink drawing already looked vaguely Middle Eastern to me so what could be more appropriate than a star and a camel:

And finally the Alpine cows just needed the requisite headgear and the odd false Santa beard - oh, and some kids tobogganing down the glacier:

I think I shall actually be quite sad to peel all these off after Christmas, but I've more pictures upstairs that I can adulterate so my childish glee isn't quite over yet!!


Deirdre said...

This is hilarious. I wonder whether, if I do this at my parents' house, they would notice...

Mrs Jones said...

Deirdre - I think you should, you know - for science! My husband noticed the Mexican skulls immediately but then they're the first thing you see as you go up the stairs - they're right in your eyeline, but I've no idea how long he would've taken to notice the other pictures if I had been able to keep my mouth shut and not tell him as soon as he walked in the door! Could've been weeks!

katyboo1 said...

I love em. Haven't got any of our pics here as they're all in storage, but have filed away the idea for the next time I have my own house.