Thursday, 7 April 2011

Ta-daa! Unveiling the Pansy Beanie!

Well, this makes a change from my latest exercise blogging, doesn't it?  I've not been neglecting my crochet but, sadly, am unable to do it while running, so I'm only doing it in the evening in front of the telly.

Last weekend, while attending a craft fair, I sat and made seven African Flower Hexagons.  Not sure what I'm going to do with them yet, but I really liked the pattern and fancied having a go.  Look, aren't they nice?

The ends haven't been woven in yet and, obviously, they've not been sewn together yet, but you get the idea.  I might make a circular cushion cover, something like this perhaps:

I've also made another crochet flower from 'Crochet Bouquet' by Suzann Thompson, that I mentioned previously.  This time it's a Narcissus, which is a white daffodil-style flower with a pale pink centre (in this case):

It is very cute but came out larger than I was expecting, it's about 4 inches across.  There's a rosebud I want to try but I need to investigate a particular stitch it requires because I'm not sure how to do it.

It dawned on me that the flowers would look lovely on a fern green crocheted beanie hat so last night downloaded an easy, free pattern and made the hat in just over an hour.  My first piece of wearable crochet!!

This morning I tried the flowers but decided that the Narcissus is actually too large, so I think I'll add a few beads to it and turn it into a large corsage-style brooch.  But the pansy I made a couple of weeks ago was perfect.  I toyed with the idea of making a couple more in different colourways and adding them as well, but, you know, I think just the one will do.  So, with no more ado, here it is then:

It's all in UK treble stitch with a shallow shell edging.

See my collection of Birdies has increased? I've got loads of kids' birthdays coming up so guess where they're going?

Ooh, using the flash makes the wall look really dark.  Anyway, this ceramic head (which is actually a plant pot) is somewhat smaller than a proper head (especially mine), so shall I show you what it looks like on?

Note the subtle positioning of the camera to hide my double chin.  But look, look how cute this little beanie is!  And it doesn't need any more flowers, does it?

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Anonymous said...

I love it. Tilly loves it. We love your hat.

Ta for my birthday present too missis. Will mail you properly once the effects of half a bottle of wine have worn off. have a fab day in the village tomorrow.xx