Saturday, 2 April 2011

C25k update - 2 April 2011 - wk1d3

Just back from my 3rd run of week 1 of C25k.


Today was HARD.  Really bloody hard.  I didn't have a particularly brilliant night's sleep last night but, compared to many, many others recently, it was fine although I didn't wake up until about 9am.  I felt sluggish, though.  Massively less than sprightly, all morning, in fact.  No idea why.  I had a largeish sized dinner last night, the size I always have, so I don't think it was that.  I had a banana with homemade plain unsweetened yoghurt for breakfast at about 9.30am.  Lunch of tomato soup and a slice of wholemeal bread at about 12.30.  Went for the run at about 1.15pm.

It was as hard work as the first run I did, which I wasn't expecting.  Still I made myself carry on, didn't try to push myself too hard (because that's when injuries occur, when you're tired and push yourself too hard) and finished the workout.

And was pleased as punch with the final results, as there was improvement in three of the five categories (the previous figures are in brackets):

Distance covered:  1.8 miles (1.7 miles)
Walk pace: 18:08/mi (19:23/mi)
Run pace: 15:46/mi (15:07/mi)
Calories burned: 195 (195)
Weight: same.

So there's some improvement, thank goodness.

Next week's training is 3 runs starting with the brisk 5 minute warm up walk, then alternate 90 seconds of jogging with 2 minutes of walking for a total of 20 minutes, ending with the usual 5 minute cooldown walk home.  My ideal - weather and energy levels permitting - is to go on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with at least one swim thrown in there somewhere, possibly next Saturday, or earlier if I have the car.  Then I'll be wanting to visit the allotment and there's always the Wii Fit for if it's raining.

I wonder how long I can keep all this up for......


peevish said...

Sounds like you may have needed more protein in your lunch to carry you through your workout. That's hard work you're doing, and you're building up your muscles!

I have confidence you can keep it going as long as you need to.
Yay, you!

Posie said...

Good for you, but be warned it becomes terribly addictive this running thing....

Mrs Jones said...

Peevish - it just felt all wrong this morning for some reason. It may well have been the wrong kind of food and, yes, apart from the yoghurt there's been little protein in what I've eaten today so far. Or it might just have been the time of day - I'm not good in the mornings when I'm just sitting on the sofa, never mind galumphing through woodland scaring the wildlife. Or it could be hormonal. Something was out of wack, though. I may start trying to keep note of things - food, time of day - to see what works best for me.

Mrs Jones said...

Posie - well, actually I'm kinda hoping that it does because I'm awful for getting terribly keen about something for a while, then going right off it and never doing it again!

peevish said...

I think keeping a record is a great idea. That way you can spot patterns.

Well done, regardless.