Monday, 4 April 2011

C25k update - 4 April 2011 - wk2d1

Final post for today - it's very rare you get three in one day out of me, but I decided, mid-afternoon, to just get off my arse and go for the damn run, already.

This is the first run of the second week of the C25k interval training.  Weather was sunny and cloudy, warmish in the sun but a little chilly in the shade, but with a strong, cold wind.  The run pattern for the three sessions of the second week are 5 minute warmup brisk walk, 90 seconds run, 2 mins walk, repeat for 20 mins, 5 minute cooldown walk.

I wasn't looking forward to it but just went and did it anyway.  It was hard work again and the 2 minute walks were much appreciated.  I couldn't finish one of the 90 second runs and had to walk for a bit.  I had to stop for a few seconds to point my toes to stretch my shins a bit (the start of shin splints?) but I did the full work out.

And the results are astonishing.  I was amazed.  The improvement from last week is nothing less than remarkable - I'm wondering if the GPS has got a bit enthusiastic.  Here are the results, with last run's figures in brackets:

Distance covered: 3.4 miles (1.7 miles)
Walk pace: 16:29/mi (18:08/mi)
Run pace: 13:32/mi  (15:07/mi)
Calories burned: 200 (195)
Weight:  I didn't weigh myself this morning as I had a bad weekend on both the booze and the curry so there's unlikely to be an difference there.

But - bloody hell! 3.4 miles!  It really, really didn't feel that far.  It's exactly twice the distance I was covering last week.  Bloody hell!!  Maybe there's some benefit to be had in doing this after all.....

(Oh, and in case you were wondering, I did go commando and, surprisingly, it wasn't too bad at all, so at least I know now that's an option.)


Pearl said...

Good job. :-)


p.s. Liza Bean Bitey (of the Minneapolis Biteys) says "hello". :-)

Anonymous said...

I am utterly impressed that you are being so disciplined. Really I am. Also that you are taking care of yourself. When they say my bp is high, I just stay away from the docs until they forget about it.

You are doing brilliantly.

And your weekend sounds brilliant too. Well, apart from the Jazz/Bowie combo thing that is.

Mrs Jones said...

Pearl - hello! I guessed that Liza Bean Bitey was a cat but had to check. Sylvester Bean (not so Bitey anymore) says hello, by the way.

Ms Boo - I know! I keep wondering when the real Mrs Jones will return from the shackles the basement where I've obviously got her tied up. Because this isn't me, really. However, I need to be serious about this if I want to live for more than another 8 years - I'm a bit fixated on the age my father was when he died, 55, which is only 8 years away for me. It was a cracking weekend but I was absolutely shattered at the end of it. I shall keep trying to find out who massacred the untouchable David Bowie tunes so I can share the horror...