Friday, 1 April 2011

Having a bit of a sit down, instead.

I've decided to actually have a day off from the exercise today.  I'm fine with this as I've done loads this week anyway.  Tomorrow (Saturday), I shall go for my final run of Week 1 of the C25k training, and then on Sunday I won't be doing any exercise at all as I have a new craft fair to do from mid-morning to mid-afternoon, after which The Lovely Husband and I will probably pop over to my mum's to sort out some computer problem of hers, then in the evening we're off with friends to see the very funny Mickey Flanagan perform at a nearby town, so there just won't be the time to do anything.

And if the weather's fine on Monday, then I'll start Week 2 of C25k!  I was looking online just now to see if there's a website for the particular C25k that I use but there doesn't seem to be.  It appears there are several versions each by different software houses that, I would assume, basically do the same thing - get you from the couch to running 5k without stopping in 9 weeks via interval training - but the version I use is by Bluefin Software, and I found a graphic that shows what the frontpage looks like:

If you've already set up a playlist, when you press the big green GO button, the music will start and the voice will announce 'warm up', and off you go.  As I have my iphone strapped to my arm, I can't see the screen as I'm running but this is what the screen looks like during the warm up:

When you've finished, there's a journal page where you can record basic details like how you felt, what the weather was like, the terrain where you walked and ran.  You can also see how far you went, your various paces and how many calories were burnt off (the picture below I grabbed from Google images - it's not my info - for a start I don't weigh 195lbs!).  You need to have the GPS add-on for this info though.  If you do, you can press the 'Map' button which will bring up a map and show you exactly where you went!  I think it's pretty cool.  If I wanted to I could also 'Share' this information on Twitter but I don't twat as I can't see the point of it.  I'll just share the info here instead.

It also has a series of graphs that will show your progress.  This is the distance one, for example:

All of which is fab if you're a bit of an information nerd, like me.  I'm very impressed with this bit of software, especially as it only cost me £1.79 plus £0.59 for the GPS add-on.  £2.38 very well spent.


Anonymous said...

I love those little faces! It's almost worth getting just for them. I feel like face 3 most of the time, but by friday I am at face 4 - and I don't go running!

I must also remember 'I don't twat' - excellent expression. (is your wv polish or something? I always get things like 'byzympl')

Maureen said...

You sound as though you are getting to grips with this exercise business, well done on getting started. There's nothing wrong in having a rest day. Good luck with the craft fair. I hope you enjoyed Mickey Flanagan, we saw him a month or so ago, what a funny man he's great isn't he. I loved the chicken children routine !!!