Monday, 7 May 2012

Yarny love...

And a damp, dry, mild, cold, rainy, sunny May Day Bank Holiday to you all.  I've given up on us getting decent Spring weather this year - the last two days here it felt like March and therefore entirely appropriate that I finished my first big knitting project!

Back in March, I did a post about going to the Unravel show at Farnham Maltings, and I showed you the lovely yarny goodness that I bought, one lot of which was this gorgeous hand-dyed and -spun blue-green wool from a company called NiMu Yarns:

NiMu yarn, colourway 'Wicklow'

And I decided that I was going to make a very simple knitted wrap around vest/waistcoat.  I started it in the middle of March but something went wrong that I couldn't sort out so I decided to unravel it.  I'd only knitted about 30 rows which doesn't sound much, but each row was 104 stitches so they were quite long rows!  I put the whole lot away in disgust and didn't touch it again until the end of March, when I started again.  I went very carefully and fairly slowly so I was less likely to cock it up again and finally, a few days ago, I finished it! I'm really rather pleased with it, as it's actually wearable - you can leave it open, draping down the front or pin up one side at the shoulder (as I'm wearing it below).

And this is what it looks like - I apologise that the photos are not that great, but the waistcoat is hip length and drapes in the front to halfway down my thighs and my arms are just not quite long enough to get all of it in the photo!  I've asked TLH to take some photos for me but it's not stopped raining long enough yet to go outside where the light's better to take them!  So I'm afraid these will have to do for now:


Yeah, and they're mostly out of focus as well but they look more arty that way!

Talking of arty, there was no art class this last Thursday, it had to be cancelled due to the tutor having an exhibition to stage so you'll be pleased to know there's no crappy drawings for you to suffer!  Next week though....

Finally, I've gone back to hooking again!  I found a very nice and easy pattern for roses, so this week I spent a couple of days hooking these while catching up with the entire first series of 'Homeland' (did you watch it?  Bloody brilliant - the last episode was so damn tense I thought my blood pressure was going to do me in!!)  Anyway, these little flowers and leaves are unbelievably cute and my plan at the moment is to make these into brooches which I will put on my VenerableBead stall for the next few craft fairs I have and see if anyone's interested.  If you fancy one yourself, drop me an email (via my profile page) and you can have one for £4.50 plus postage!

This is a red rose one, about to have its brooch back attached:

Red May Rose

And this is the collection of hooked roses, waiting to be assembled - aren't they sweet?:

May Roses

Well, I think that's it from Jones Towers for this week - hope the weather hasn't dampened your spirits too much!

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