Monday, 30 April 2012

The swifts have arrived - finally!!

At long last, 2012's cohort of Swifts has finally arrived, a week later than last year.   I keep an eye out for them every year as they're the most amazing birds - the fastest flying in the world, squealing with delight at being in each other's company, they bring me such absolute joy.  I've spent much of the last week staring at the sky, looking for tiny crescent shapes, high up in the clouds, when I finally spotted the first one today, about an hour ago.  Within about 20 minutes there were about a dozen more, and lots more will be arriving from Africa now over the next few days.  One of the best things about the allotment was that the houses surrounding the allotment site provided nests for these summer visitors and they'd swoop and dive at breathtaking speeds just above our heads - I'll miss that now I've given up my plot.

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Anonymous said...

How long do the swifts stay in your part of the world? Will they stay a week later, seeing as how they arrived a week late?