Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Still here, just being lazy....

Oops.  Again a long gap between blog posts.  Sorry 'bout that.  I have a natural tendency to generally try and do as little as possible and while I have these great ideas about blog posts I want to write, something happens on the journey from my brain to my fingers that results in me going 'oh fuck it, I can't be arsed'.

Which is not really good enough, is it? *hangs head in shame*.

For example, I'm three posts behind on my art classes.  I promise I'll catch up because the teacher is showing us techniques for drawing stuff that, I believe, are pretty standard but which you won't know about if you don't take classes or read any sort of 'How to draw' books.  And what she's been showing us have been lightbulb moments for me, you know, 'Oooh, so that's how you do it?!  Easy when you know how!!'.  However, to show you these, I have to get up off my arse, bend down to the bag I carry my art supplies in, extract the drawing pad and pencils, clear a space off the dining table, redraw the templates I've already done once so you can see what to do, find my camera, make sure the battery is charged up and if it isn't, charge it (which will take a couple of hours), take the photos, remove the SD card from the camera, stick it in the laptop, alter and adjust the photos if necessary, save them to the laptop, remove SD card and put back in camera because if I don't then next time I come to use the camera I'll panic because I can't find the card, try and find the photos again on the laptop, write the damn post.

See - faff.

Yeah, I know, it's a rubbish excuse really.  I do really want to do the art class posts because they're interesting, although I'm not showing you at least two of the pictures I did because - honestly? - my 2 year old niece could probably have done better, but I am pleased with the profile picture I did.

And then there's an update about the veggies I have growing in my back garden.  One of my long-suffering readers, the splendid Sue, dropped me an email a couple of days ago asking if I was okay because I'd not updated my blog for a while (and, yes, this has prompted me to write this particular post) and I remembered that it was she who gave me the fab tip about turning growbags into two smaller round, but deeper, bags in which I could plant up my broad beans and I should take some pics to show how well they're doing.

And then there's the new car we got, which I may or may not write about.  It's a lovely thing but I can't help thinking it's going to sound like I'm boasting about it when the country is in such dire financial straits and people are finding it hard making ends meet, when really it's just a topic for a blog post.  I'll think about it.

And then there's the post I want to write about online friends -vs- real life friends but that will involve some 'proper' thinking about stuff rather than just flummery which is so much easier to write about.  God, I'm a lazy, lazy mare.

And then there's the hiatus in my running due to weird things going on with my feet.

And then there was the first of my outdoor stalls at Churt Village Fete last weekend and what a lovely day it was.

And then there's the Jubilee coming up and what it all means, and how, while disapproving immensely of the concept of the Royal Familly, I can't help enjoying the big national spectacles that revolve around them.  But there you go, see, I almost don't need to do the post now because I've given you my opinion in that last sentence.  Still, like most places in the UK this coming weekend, where I live is pulling out all the stops and I hope to go to see some of them - especially the torchlight parade and beacon-lighting on Monday, 'cos I love a good bonfire and fireworks, me.

Plus we've got the Olympic torch passing through my little town sometime in July so that ought to be a blog post with photos.

So there's plenty to talk about, it's just me having go to the effort of actually doing it.  But I promise I'll make a start....


ros said...

Good to hear from you again - I feel exactly the same about blogging, a load of faff but I will get around to it sometime. Have a good jubilee weekend!

Susan said...

I only just realised there was more than the arts classes 5 and 6 posts! Next time I must scroll down properly to check. It sounds like you have lots to tell us. Look forward to hearing about the other new car.