Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Will the snows never cease......

Ho hum, here we go again.  Yesterday the snow had more or less gone from the trees, all the icicles had gone from the gutters, it was still piled up in corners but life was getting back to normal.  We were able to get to Heathrow for a mid-morning flight (TLH is away for the rest of the week on business) and it was fine. The neighbours in my close spent quite a few hours digging away the compacted ice on the road and even went so far as to go to a local builders' merchants and buy some sharp sand to shovel onto the paths and road.  We have a yellow bin at the end of the close (there's a slight incline from the main road to get into our close) but for the last two years the council hasn't put anything in there, so I guess we have to do it ourselves.

But all the hard work was all in vain because we woke up this morning to this:

We've had another couple of inches overnight.  The pic below shows the handrail on the bridge and you can easily see the new depth lying on top of the previous week's that hadn't yet melted:

The cats had got used to going out in the snow that we had last week so were taken a bit by surprise at the sudden increase in depth overnight.  Sylvester ventured out, only got so far, decided it was a bad idea and came back in again.  Smart cat.

I'm supposed to be having new carpet laid today.  It was originally scheduled for a couple of days ago but the carpet fitter got his van to the end of our road and couldn't get it up the slight incline so had to go away again.  But at least he tried.  We've rescheduled for today when he's going to get a 4x4 but that was before the new snow fell, so we'll have to see.  Still, it would be nice to finally get the decorating finished!

PS.  For anyone who's now caught the crocheting bug from me, you might like to have a look at Carina's craftblog and then clicking on the 'Tutorials' button, and looking for video tutorials on YouTube and Videojug.

PPS.  The carpet fitter arrived!  He did an absolutely fabulous job and we now have the most gorgeous ruby/claret red carpet up the stairs.  Will take pictures when it's daylight.


Anonymous said...

I too was feeling thankful that the snow was melting, I'm now sat with my feet up watching it come down again! Definately feel for Bart outdoors working in it. And I desperately need to get into my greenhouse which has been frozen shut for over a week! Warmer weather forecast for the weekend so fingers crossed...

Cousin K x

Mrs Jones said...

Hi Karla - yep, apparently it's going to be a tropical +10 degrees at the weekend - you'll think you're back in Jamaica!