Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Happy Birthday, TLH

It's my best beloved's birthday today.  The Lovely Husband is abroad in the foreign on business for the rest of this week and no-one there knows it's his birthday.  He doesn't want them to know because he can't bear any kind of fuss. In fact, 'low key' is a very good description of him, as well as being the absolutest loveliest person on the planet (and also the bravest for taking me on in the first place as I'm not known for being a shrinking violet).

I love this photograph of him - he'll berate me for putting it up but I don't know why, I find him pretty easy on the eye and this picture was taken as a quick, random snap in order to test some new photographic manipulation software I'd got hold of a couple of weeks ago (thanks, Peevish!) and this was the result - it's fabulous!

So I can truthfully tell him that I put this up as an example of what I think a really good portrait photograph looks like, but really it's to celebrate the birthday of the person I love most in the whole wide world.

Happy Birthday, mush.


sas said...

very well done mrs jones ;)

peevish said...

Beautiful post, portrait and man. And "mush"? I love him already.

What you said about him reminds me of my monkeyman. I'm a difficult person to live with and love, and my monkey makes it look easy. It shows great strength of character.

The robin is your new header! Yippee!

Mrs Jones said...

SAS - thank you, yes, I think so too!

Peevish - I couldn't believe how well that picture came out. I had to put 'mush' because I don't think he'd have approved of 'bumface'.

elizabethm said...

Beautiful picture. He looks and sounds a lovely man in all senses of the word.

Mrs Jones said...

Elizabethm - yes, yes he is. As predicted though I got a mild scolding for putting up the picture but he didn't demand that I remove it, which is progress of sorts!