Thursday, 21 January 2010

"Shards Of Light"

*Insert Drum Roll here*


Laydeez and Gennulmen - following some mumbles of support from people who liked my stuff (and whose arms I absolutely did not twist very much) I bring you today news of my newly opened Etsy shop!

It's called 'ShardsOfLight' and  I set it up purely as an outlet for what I have now decided to call 'window jewellery'.

At the moment there's just one very large star (pictured above) and one large heart (pictured below):

But there are three hearts that are half the size:

Yes, I know the picture makes it look larger but that's because it's a close-up.

They're all made from clear and dichroic glass that have been heated enough so the glass has started to fuse but not so much that all texture has been lost.  In other words, it's lumpy but that just means there's more edges for the sun to catch = more shiny goodness!!

The edges are not sharp but because they are glass, rather unsurprisingly they will shatter if dropped on the floor so I'd suggest not putting them anywhere young kids (or not-so-young but stupid kids, i.e., pre-pubescent boys, especially if they're like the ones I know...) can get hold of them.

Anyway, I'm pretty pleased I managed to get them made, especially the heart ones, in time for Valentine's Day - and don't forget I've gots lots of other luvverly stuff available at my jewellery website!

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katyboo1 said...

I shall be along to purchase some hearts shortly. Hooray. Hooray.