Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Yesterday was a complete write-off. I ended up going into a complete tailspin and spent the afternoon on the sofa, under a woolly blanket, watching old films on the telly and forcing TLH to make food and bring it to me. Which would have been great if I had been in a more positive frame of mind. However, I think I now know why I was feeling so bloody grumpy - went to bed last night dog-tired but was unable to sleep, dunno why. Woke up with a tickly throat and a thick head, and greeted the morning with a hacking cough. I have a cold! Or the possible start of one.

This didn't stop me stripping the bed of summerweight sheets and duvet and replacing them with snuggly brushed cotton ones, bearing in mind frost and snow is predicted for this week, with overnight temperatures as low as -6 degrees, which is dang cold. I also set off a batch of yoghurt (have rediscovered my decade-old Salton Yoghurt Maker and remembered that using full-fat UHT milk means you end up with something very close to Greek Yoghurt - yum!), and put a load of washing on. Sorted out the recycling, wrote the menu for the week and underwent Ordeal By Sainsburys.

I was exhausted and running on autopilot by the time I got home, having spent a stupid amount of money on a week's food for 2 adults and 2 cats that didn't include anything fancy. I should have been making new glass things as gifts and to put on the stand but, again, the siren call of the sofa was too strong. TLH bunged a pizza in the oven and now I'm catching up with my backlog of recorded episodes of Dexter. We'll see what tomorrow's like (hopefully dusted with snow...!)

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Ivy said...

Poor thing I can empathise only with me it's a stomach bug.
Hope you have a better night tonight and will feel better in the morning. With some snow the world is a brighter place even if just watched from the sofa!