Sunday, 30 June 2013

My first exhibition (sort of)...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've submitted three paintings to the annual Surrey Learners' Exhibition.  This is for all the students on any of the county's adult education art classes and is held at the Harvey Gallery, which is attached to the adult education centre that I go to in Guildford.

The exhibition runs until next Friday, 5 July 2013, is free to enter and if you're about, then you could do worse than pop in and have a look.

Wednesday evening this week was the private showing for all the submitters, so TLH and I nipped along.  I've never been to a private showing before and didn't quite know what to expect - I was hoping we weren't going to be the only people there but it was packed!  I think the freebie glasses of wine are always a good incentive to get people through the door (that's the cynic in me talking) but I wanted to see what my pictures looked like when hung properly.

And here they are:

They look alright, don't they?  What did surprise me, though, was actually how small they looked when hung with other pictures.  When I'm painting them, they seem fairly big to me - the paper I use is A4 sized, as is the frame - but now I might have to reconsider.  I dunno though.  The size they are is very portable, and guaranteed not to take up too much space; more appealing to a potential purchaser if wallspace is a consideration.  I've put a sale price of £50 each on them but I'm not expecting to sell any of them.

I took a few more photos of other pieces that caught my eye:

In October the Cranleigh Art and Crafts Society will be holding one of their twice-yearly exhibitions so I shall submit all the flower paintings I have for that, I think.

In the meantime, I've just finished yet another one.  This time it's a flower that is native to southern California called a Shortspur Seablush:

I think that makes about 7 or 8 flower paintings now!

Still, I'm doing a beetle next.  A big beetle.  An A2 sized on yer actual proper canvas beetle, no less.

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