Thursday, 6 June 2013

Jewel Beetle

I've always been fascinated by the amazing variety of insect life on this planet, and the amazing colours that some of them are.

Beetles are no exception.  Some are absolutely exquisitely beautiful and gorgeously colourful, often iridescent and metallic and SHINY!

So I've decided to start doing a series of beetle paintings, starting with Jewel Beetles.  If you've never heard of Jewel Beetles, I'd advise that you go and Google them right now.  I'll wait....

Beautiful, aren't they?  And they come in such a variety of colours.  I went searching on Flickr and came across the most brilliant set of photographs by a Hungarian photographer called Nikola Rahme, who specialises in beetles - I now have access to all the beetle photographs I could possibly want!

I chose the first one - a female Jewel Beetle called Eurythyrea Austriaca - and completed an A5 acrylic of it over a couple of days.  It was interesting to do something more like a zoology textbook illustration rather than something a bit more impressionistic (although mine did turn out that way) and it was bloody fiddly.  Especially the legs.

I'm pretty pleased with how it came out and have now bought myself some metallic acrylic paints to see what the next one will come out like!

Original photo:
Eurythyrea austriaca (Linnaeus, 1767) ♀

My painting:

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Well done Mrs Jones - very cool, I love beetles too.