Sunday, 1 January 2012

Let's hope the Mayans were wrong....

Of course the world won't end in December 2012.  I don't expect.  The Rapture didn't happen for the Christian god-botherers and there's no reason to think that the Mayans were any better at judging this sort of thing.  I hope.

Anyway, how was your Christmas and New Year?  Mine was most acceptable.  We 'did' Christmas at our house for the first time ever - my mum and stepdad, and TLH's sister came over and food was consumed and drink imbibed and gifts opened.  Most convivial.

This year I got many books from my Amazon wish list, a 3.5 litre slowcooker, a very nice cheque (most of which has, rather sadly, gone towards a new washing machine) and, as ever, The Lovely Husband got my favourite gifts, a rather splendid turquoise Mexican wrestler's mask:

I have a plan to mount it like a trophy head.  Because why not.

He also got me this stunning silk scarf designed by Grayson Perry showing his map of the British Museum:
I am most enamoured of Grayson Perry's work and the British Museum is one of my most favouritest places ever in the history of ever so to get the two combined is gold-plated fabulosity incarnate.  Was that too gushy?

The scarf is really big - 90cm x 90cm - and I'm going to get it framed as it's likely to be the only piece of his artwork that I'll ever be able to afford.

New Year's Eve was very quiet at Jones Towers, as it often is.  We ended up watching six hours of The Killing II which we taped earlier and had saved for this purpose.  We drank lager, gin & tonic and had champagne at midnight while the local fireworks made it sound like The Somme out there.

So, what am I looking forward to in 2012?  The world not ending for a start.  But apart from that, in general terms, there's the London Olympics in the summer that we didn't manage to get tickets for so will have to be satisfied with being glued to the telly for.  We loves the Olympics, we do.

Of more historical interest, this year marks the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen.  60 years on the throne is a long time, and I suspect she'll do her best to beat Queen Victoria's record as longest-reigning monarch at 63 years.  She'll be nearly 90 by then so it might be a close run thing.  I'm not a monarchist by any stretch of the imagination but being of an archaeological and historical bent, this sort of thing always interests me.

As a couple, TLH and I are off to more classical concerts at the Guildford Civic and in a couple of weeks we're off to see The Ladykillers at the Gielgud Theatre.  Written by Graham Linehan - who wrote Black Books, Father Ted and The I.T. Crowd - it has had rave reviews.  Then in February I managed to get tickets for one of the last performances with James Corden in One Man Two Guv'nors at the Adelphi, before the cast changes and it moves to a different theatre.  I have had the great fortune to meet up with the really rather wonderful Katyboo during 2011 for a couple of theatrical jaunts and it reminded me of how much I did actually enjoy going to the theatre so I'm hoping to try and go a bit more frequently.

As for other things, it would be nice to get to go away on holiday, for the first time in several  years, but that's dependent on whether or not I can persuade TLH to actually take some time off and not just work all the hours he can get, even allowing for the dire economic climate.

I'm hoping Bev and I can sort out our saxophone duo thing we have planned and, of course, some more gigs with The Fugitives would be enormous fun.

I'm also going to have another serious stab ('stab' being the operative word) at teaching myself how to knit.  I partially managed it last year but found it really difficult so I'm not sure I was doing it right so put it away again and returned to my crochet hook.  As soon as I publish this post I'll be heading off to Youtube to find a decent tutorial - wish me luck!

Continued good health for all my friends and family would, of course, be most welcome.

What are the rest of you hopeful for?

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katyboo1 said...

a few more meetings with my brain twin would be fabulous in 2012!