Thursday, 3 March 2011

Where should we go?

I'm feeling in need of a break.  A short getaway.  The Lovely Husband and I haven't been away on holiday for what seems like an age now.  Not even a short city break.  This has mostly been down to constraints on time and, most especially, money.

But we have a wedding anniversary coming up in the first week of April, a reasonably substantial one at that (15 years, if you really want to know) and call me an old romantic, or a traditionalist if you will, I actually think that's something to celebrate.  It would be easy enough to just go out for a curry and enjoy a bottle of wine but, to me, that's an average Friday or Saturday night.  Being able to stand 15 years in the company of the same person without wanting to stab them to death too often is an achievement, and one that demands something a bit more celebratory than a Lamb Bhuna and a bottle of Shiraz for once.  So that's 15 years wed come Monday 4 April.  Trouble is, we're already going out with friends on 3 April, to see a very funny comedian called Micky Flanagan, which I'm looking forward to tremendously, but it does mean we've kinda scuppered our plans for getting away that weekend.

No matter, I have a birthday 19 days after that, so - I hear you mumble - why not get away for that?  Because it's only bastard Easter, isn't it?  Yep, my birthday this year falls on Easter Saturday so if everywhere I fancy staying isn't already booked, then it'll be extortionately priced because it's bastard Easter.


So let's say we just discard those particular dates.  Okay, no worries.  The next choice is where to go and what to stay in.  And this is where my head asplodes, because, frankly, I have no real idea.  Well, that's not strictly true, I have so many ideas and desires that I can't make a final choice.  Right now I really, really like the idea of a small cottage, as close to the beach as it can be, with a woodburning stove and a pub that does really good food in walking distance.  Preferably on the south coast so it doesn't take hours to get there.  We both love Cornwall but I'm thinking it may be a bit far.  I'm tempted by the eastern side of the country - East Sussex and Kent where it sticks out into the sea - but probably not Suffolk or Norfolk, for distance reasons, again.

The Isle of Wight is quite appealing - not just for its reputed unhurriedness in a 1950s Britain stylee but also for the dinosaur factor.  I mean, of course, real dinosaurs not just stuff that's unfashionable, ancient and lumpen.

But then I start thinking of cities that I want to stay in - Brighton, Bath, York (too far, but on the list), Canterbury - or smaller places such as Rye - or even just areas I want to go to where I've never been before - the Lake District, Cumbria, the Yorkshire Moors, the whole of Scotland - and I end up closing the browser window in despair and thinking about what to make for tea instead.  I just can't decide.

So can you help me?  Have you any suggestions of places you've stayed at that might be what I'm looking for?


libby said...

There are so many great places to visit...depends on what you want and how far you can travel....but of course you know that....north south east or west wherever you go will be great.

fairy fluffcake said...

Hello, don't think I've commented before, but i do love daydreaming about holidays. We went to the Isle of Wight a couple of years ago, camping and with children, but even so it was very lovely. And, once upon a time, before children, we had a very lovely weekend in Lyme Regis.
Good luck with the decision making,

Mrs Jones said...

Libby - hence my problem! The trouble is that I want where we go to be perfect. This is because we can't afford to go away very often, so it's not like we can say 'OK, this weekend let's go to Bath, and next month we'll go to Whitby. Then in June we can check out Clovelly and after that, why not give Swanage a go?' which is what I'd love to do. But The Lovely Husband has just announced that 'Cornwall isn't so far away' so maybe we'll end up there.

Ms Fluffcake - hello! My ex-husband (The Artist) seems to go there every year with his little girl and, knowing him, it'll be the dinosaurs that are the attraction. I watched a telly prog the other day with Claire Balding riding a bike around the IoW and it did look appealing. Plus it's quite easy for us to get to - straight down the A3 (which we live 10 mins from) to Portsmouth and then the ferry over.

Alienne said...

I was going to suggest Bath - lots of history but also all mod cons, and not too far to go - but I see you have mentioned it yourself? The problem with Cornwall is that it is off the motorway system and you always get stuck behind a caravan on a windy road .... well, I do.

Bryony said...

Mrs J, you have reminded me that you and I share a birthday (same year even) - Easter Saturday is such a pain! Am off to check what happens when we reach the next big 0... anyway, I live in Suffolk which is lovely, but I'd go to Cornwall if I were you - we love Fowey and Polruan and are there in May - whatever you do, enjoy! Bx

PixieMum said...

Why not just down to the South Coast, say Brighton as it can offer so much.

There is beach, sea, shops, (The Lanes), theatres and countryside not far away.

Maybe go by train rather than car, it is a nightmare for parking. Brighton used to be seen as a place for naughty weekends away so ideal if you want a romantic getaway with your Beloved.


ps I don't live there, we just jump on the train sometimes and go for the day.