Sunday, 27 March 2011

And so it begins.....

I've been taking my blood pressure for the last 4 days now and once I've averaged it out over 10 readings and then added 10 to the Systolic and 5 to the Diastolic readings, it certainly looks as if I'm going to be in the low end of the high blood pressure range.  Bummer.

Still, at least I know.  And steps are starting to be taken so that when I return the machine on Monday and see the doctor (probably at a later date) I can at least tell her that I'm trying to lose weight and I'm increasing my exercise from zero to some.  Well, it's better than nothing and now I have an incentive.

So to that end I've downloaded the Couch to 5k app for the iPhone which claims it can take you from - as the name suggests - the couch to running 5kms (3 miles) in 9 weeks.  We'll see.  I had to get some proper clothes to run in, and an armband to attach my iPhone to my arm so I can listen to the little voice (not the ones in my head, for once!) telling me when to jog and when to walk.  So I've got all the kit now, I've just got to make the exercise happen.  But today I didn't feel like getting started on the running, and I felt like a failure before I'd even started.

And then, at about midday today, I received a text from my good friend Sam who now lives opposite me in the Close, suggesting that we go for a swim together later this afternoon.  I pondered saying 'no' but stopped myself - after all, what's the point of starting an exercise regime if you don't actually start it, know what I mean?  And I used to really enjoy swimming - I mean, in my early teens I used to swim for the town where I grew up so I used to be good, you know?  Plus the University near me has recently built an extremely spiffy sports centre with a 50m pool which is where she swims, and I'd fancied checking it out anyway, so what was stopping me?

 I dug out my swimming costume, and rummaged around to find my goggles and condom hat which were located somewhere in the depths of my knicker drawer.  I tried them on and decided I was too sexy to live:

It's a good look, non?

The pool was fabulous and although the sports centre was heaving with all sorts of things going on, the pool itself was relatively empty for 4.30 on a Saturday afternoon.  I utilised the 'slow' lane while Sam headed off to the 'Medium' lane.  We decided we would swim for about 30 mins and I managed 10 laps, but had to stop after each lap to bring my heart rate down.  I still managed to go faster than one woman who was doing that very slow breast stroke where you don't get your hair wet, which just seems pointless to me.

Anyway, I was very pleased I went as I did enjoy it loads, so when I get the car back in a couple of weeks time I'm going to try and make it a regular thing.


Anonymous said...

I wish I had such goggles and a condom hat. VERY fetching.
Also, if your blood pressure is at the lower end of the high range, exercise and losing weight may be all you need to do. That was my experience 4 or 5 years ago, anyway, so I hope it works for you too!

libby said...

Well are so right, it is just taking that first step that is so important..keep it up!

peevish said...

Yippee! Well done. And very sexy indeed.

Anonymous said...

yes - if you are anything like me (and I sincerely hope you are not) you will have a damn good swim, and then take yourself off for a lovely plate of chips cos you are hungry after all that exercise. and yes I am resigned to dying youngish ;-)

Anonymous said...

It is always an effort to start, but you do feel good afterwards. If I go on a saturday morning I always end up in Caffe Nero, which is bad. Going on a Thursday night is safer as there is nowhere open by the time I leave!

Maureen said...

You are soo funny, I love reading your blog even though I don't always leave a comment. Very fetching sexy outfit !!! good luck with the exercise, and getting the BP down.