Thursday, 20 May 2010

Ooh, new bling!

I've never been awarded much in my life, I mean, like proper prizes and stuff.  Mainly, I 'spose, because I don't do anything competitive that might have something shiny at the end of it.  Of course I've been awarded various certificates for qualifications ranging from Grade 2 CSE Arithmetic to a Master's in Archaeology, but I worked my testicles off for those (well, perhaps not the CSE so much, but you know what I mean).

And I suppose if I was one of those New Agey types into cod-spirituality (as I once was, but then my eyes were opened and I donned my Carapace of Sceptical Cynicism), I could say, if I felt so inclined, that the Universe had awarded me with The Lovely Husband.  (Insert comment about working someone else's testicles off to achieve that).

No, I'm talking about awards and stuff that come out of the blue.  A bit like the nominations I got for the MAD awards (over there, in the left hand column, just there, see?) which were totally unexpected and gave my little(ish) ego a much welcomed polish.  I didn't win, by the way, didn't even make it to the finalists but then I wasn't expecting to.

And this morning's bit of bling has started the day off well.  The very lovely Monalisa has seen fit (God help her) to award me a Prolific Blogger Award:

This is all very lovely but, of course, with great power comes great responsibility and There Are Rules to be followed.

These are:

1. Every winner of the Prolific Blogger Award has to pass on this award to at least seven other deserving prolific bloggers. Spread some love!

2. Each Prolific Blogger must link to the blog from which he/she has received the award.

3. Every Prolific Blogger must link back to This Post, which explains the origins and motivation for the award.

4. Every Prolific Blogger must visit this post and add his/her name in the Mr. Linky, so that we all can get to know the other winners.

So now I have to pass this award onto seven other bloggers.  They are, in no particular order:

Katyboo's Weblog



Honeycomb Hideout




It was hard to choose just 7 but please check them out because they're all lovely.


Anonymous said...

You're a tricky lady, love the award, but LINKS!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mrs. Jones. I am very proud.xx

peevish said...

I'm so sorry to be so late, this week has been a horribly busy one. Thank you very much, Mrs. Jones!

Deb said...

I clicked on your link on a comment made on Lucy's blog and WOW. I'm pretty sure we were separated at birth, based on your short bio up there. Hi!

Mrs Jones said...

Peevish - don't sweat it, the award's just a bit of fun really. Plus it's purty....

Deb - hello and welcome! God, poor you. Last night I fell over in a flower bed - don't tell me you did too??!

Kella said...

Congrates on recieving the award and thanks for passing it on to me, I'll post about it soon.