Sunday, 2 August 2015

The dinosaurs that walk among us....

Hello peeps!

Been a long time, innit.  Ah well, you know how it goes.

Anyway, a lovely thing's just happened that I feel I should share.

Do you remember, back in the mists of time, I did one of my annual ninja posts about the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and mentioned that my favourite courtyard sculpture was back in 2007 when the Chapman Brothers showed their big iron dinosaurs?  Yes you do, it was this post.

These were two of the dinosaurs in the courtyard -

When we visited the exhibition in June this year (sorry, no post, although I did mean to tell you that FINALLY the RA is allowing photography so I may well do a properly legal post next year!), I was discussing these dinosaurs with The Lovely Husband and was wondering where they'd got to.  I mean, these things were big, REALLY big - I have enough trouble finding space to store my comparatively pathetically small paintings, where the hell would you put several tons of rusting metal?  And it was a shame that they couldn't be seen anymore because I LURVED THEM.

Anyway, out of the blue, this afternoon I got a lovely, lovely email from a lady, who said the following:

"Dear Mrs Jones,

I went to Golders Hill Park for the first time yesterday and was enchanted by three large iron dinosaurs.  On the journey home I became convinced that I had seen them before in a different setting.  So I went about searching for more information on the internet.  Yours was the first site i looked up and it gave me all the information I needed for a more in depth search.

I had seen them at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2007, my first visit.

Thank you."

Isn't that fab?  And, what's more, she sent me photos!! Don't they look happy to be among the trees?

But watch out - they're bitey!

How great is that?  Not only that the fantastic dinosaurs are out there, freely wandering among us, rather than hidden away in some Russian oligarch's garden shed, but that someone went to the trouble of letting me know!  Thank you so much, HF, you've made my day!

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