Friday, 27 December 2013

RIP Sylvester Bean 21.6.96-27.12.13

If you recall, back in September a lump was discovered in Sylvester Bean's abdomen.

Well, it didn't get any better, and on 17 December he suffered a seizure.  Fortunately I was at home at the time and looked after him as best I could.  I took him to the vet that afternoon who confirmed things were not good and it was agreed that we would do palliative care to keep him as comfortable as possible.

We were very fortunate to have him around for another 10 days but, inevitably, the time came for him to take his final journey over the Rainbow Bridge.

Farewell, Sylvester Bean - you were the best of cats, my constant companion for 17 years and are sorely missed.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. I know how much you loved Sylvester Bean (and Pepper Bean too). Sending you cyber-hugs!

Mrs Jones said...

Thank you, he was, indeed, much loved and the heart of the house has gone.

Daisy Jones said...

ahhhh thats a heart breaker...what a gorgeous sorry to read this...I had a similar incident with one of my own cats but it was a brain problem....will never forget him either....hope you are feeling a little better....I love the description of yourself in your sidebar...
bestest Daisy j