Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Word Verification and more Vrooming.....

A couple of posts ago, the lovely Fhina over at A Woman of No Importance requested that I deactivate the word verification bit when posting comments.  I wasn't actually aware that I had wv on my comments section (or perhaps I did but had forgotten....) and as I also find them annoying when commenting on other blogs - I sometimes find it difficult to read the words required - I was happy to oblige.

Within a matter of hours my mailbox began to fill up with anonymously sent messages about Viagra, medications, dating from abroad, you name it.  And while Blogger's spam filter has picked up all these messages, they're still hitting my inbox first and filling it up.  And I'm afraid I find that more irritating than being unable to read the word verification words.

So sorry, Fhina, but I'm going to have to reinstate it, for my own sanity!

I went for another run this morning and, well, something’s most definitely in the air. It’s the first day of Shark Week for me and because my second day is always the worst (pain, bloating and, erm, ‘effluvia’) I decided to go out today, as I knew I wouldn’t be wanting to for the next couple of days or so. I wasn’t really feeling up to it - everything felt sluggish and heavy. I’d had a biggish breakfast of porridge with blueberries, bananas and a dollop of Greek yoghurt in the hope of it giving me energy but it just made me feel stuffed, even an hour later.

Started out but immediately felt heavy-legged, and was becoming breathless far too soon. I knew I didn’t have 5k in me this morning, but I thought I’d try and get to 4k so buckled down to it with grim determination. There were more walking intervals today too but I did try to push myself a bit harder in the runs.

Astonishingly, I did 4k/2.5miles in 39m34s at an average speed of 15:49 mins per mile. 2 days ago I ran at 16:56 mins per mile, 4 days before that it was 17:16 mins per mile. So in less than a week, I’ve improved by 1min 27secs per mile.

Blimey. (Although I can’t help thinking that I can’t possibly keep this up….!)

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A Woman Of No Importance said...

I am so sorry, Mrs J, I had no idea that it would have such ramifications, to remove the WV - It hasn't happened to me, as such, but I do get spurious stuff into my Hotmail account, which I think is pretty rife with it in any case...

Mind you, I have a different e-mail addy for blogger, which I never read, so they may all be shooting in over there!

Like you, I find the WV difficult to read, more so than it used to be, and was having problems having to re-boot my laptop after entering the letters...

I guess we can't win with t'Internets!

My best to you,

Fhi x