Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fame at last for The Artist?

My ex-husband, The Artist, has recently signed to Ugly Models - a modelling agency for people with interesting (i.e., normal) faces and bodyshapes - and was successful in auditioning for a Heineken advert.  I'm really pleased for him and I hope he gets more work from it.

And here it is - he's 'The Magician' that appears about 40 seconds in.  And, yes, he is rocking the William Hartnell look:


mountainear said...

Well done him.

Can't think what else to say. Vicarious erm, fame?

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen that Heineken advert in Canada yet. There have been other, similar ones, and they're confusing and random, but great fun. Good for The Artist!

Mrs Jones said...

Pinklea - I know the one you mean and I didn't particularly like it, but apart from my ex being in this one, I really like the music too. It is really good for him as he's suffered a lot of disappointment in his life so this should be a good boost for him.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I thought he looked very cool in this - A very striking look he's rocking there, too! May he find lots more interest and fun to be had in acting and modelling... x