Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Something must be done

So the weather didn't let us down, then, did it?  I know the snowiness in December outstayed its welcome somewhat but that least it made a change from the usual British winter weather of miserable grey skies and damp, damp, damp.  Which is what we've now got.  Great.  It's depressing, really.  Some blue skies and sunshine - even if it's cold - would do us all a world of good.

I'm also feeling very, very sluggish.  As always I've eaten far too much over Christmas.  I've not put on too much weight, no more than 3 or 4 pounds but it's enough to make a difference.  I'm also horribly, horribly sedentary.  The weather's not been good enough for me to get out to the allotment yet and, during the better months, that is the only regularish exercise I get.  And it's stupid, because I know from my past flirtations with exercise that it does me good.

So, today, I got out the Wii Fit and plugged it in.  To my horror it said that the last time I'd done any training on it was 995 days ago!  That works out at February 2008!  Bizarrely, it also said I only weigh 3lbs more today than I did the last time I used it, so at least that's been pretty consistent.  It's still too much though.  I know BMIs have lost their relevance a bit but, hey, it's something to work towards, and I need to lose about 27lbs to just edge into the acceptable BMI range for my height.

I managed a 48 minute workout involving the hula hoop one (you don't actually have a hoop, you just stand on the balance board and move your hips around in a circle as if you were hula-ing a hoop), boxing and step aerobics.  I also did a tiny bit of yoga.  I built up a good sweat but didn't overdo it.  Sylvester wandered in at one point and was mildly interested into why I was stomping about the place like a giant heifer but then did the sensible thing and went to sleep.

I'd like to try and keep this up but I have zero willpower, still I'm willing to give it another go.  Of course, rediscovering a love of baking is not helping matters much as I'm a sucker for the carbs but generally I think I'm pretty good - I don't snack, don't drink fizzy drinks regularly, try not to have things like biscuits and crisps in the house, try and watch my chocolate intake, keep puddings to a minimum, only have 1 (at the most 2) courses when I go to restaurants, don't eat convenience foods, but I try not to be puritanical about it.  I think I have problems with portion control, though.  TLH and I are quite competitive about food and for years our portion size has to be identical otherwise there's trouble.  Thinking about it, it's a wonder I'm not the size of a house.  I mean, he's over 6 feet tall and is a big bloke - I should probably be eating half what he does and I am trying with that, I really am but it's tricky.  I shall keep you all posted as to progress, or lack of it.

(I was now going to segue into posting a recipe for cake - Lemon Drizzle to be precise, with some faintly clever wordplay about providing you with a nicer kind of drizzle than that which normally falls out of January skies, but I've decided to do that as a separate post so I can more easily track it down in future.  It's coming right up!)


peevish said...

1. I can relate to the sluggishness, although I do manage to work up a sweat a couple of times a week. I should be doing far more and I'm working towards it. Amazing how one's metabolism wants to hang on to every spare ounce of fat, especially once one is past 40.
2. Your new header photo is beautiful.
3. Lemon drizzle sounds divine. Not that I need it.

Anonymous said...

You know Mr T and I have the same thing about portions - both have decided to use smaller plates. Not sure how it will go, will probably end up stacking instead of spreading :-)