Sunday, 29 August 2010

Princess Doris Dandelion

Fat Doris goes home tomorrow so I thought I'd share a few more pictures here that Ms Peevish can prevent her girls from seeing:

TLH was very taken with her and was dead keen to get her out of her cage for a cuddle and since we were told her favourite food is dandelion leaves, she's been given her own bodyweight of them to eat (and she does!) so we think her name should be changed from Fat Doris to Princess Doris Dandelion:

She's very cute and purrs loudly in her cage whenever we play any music.  Looking this up on Google gives conflicting explanations - one says it means they're happy, another that they're distressed!  So I really don't know but I know that her normal household is nowhere near as quiet as ours; we have us two plus the cats and that's it.  Doris's household has two adults, two teenagers, one preteen (plus all their friends), seven rabbits and at least two tellys on all the time - quiet it is not.  Perhaps the noise of our music reminds her of her home and she's purring contentedly - I hope so.

Her family have been "enjoying" the late August weather on a campsite in darkest (literally!) Dorset for the past few days.  What the hell is going on with our summer weather?  June was fantastic as was the first half of July, then it steadily became more and more pants until we could give Pakistan a run for its money in terms of rainfall.  It's positively schizophrenic.  It goes from this:

(Welcome to a typical English summer. Yes, that's a wall of rain obscuring the hills in the distance between the houses.)

to this in the space of about an hour:

I'm seriously longing for a week of just lying on a beach somewhere hot for a week where I don't have to do anything but just enjoy reclining in the sun with a good book....


Anonymous said...

Princess Doris looks lovely - I could do with something to eat my dandelions.

I love the new photo at the top; one of my artichokes did this while I was away, it's a really impressive flower isn't it?

Kate said...

What a cute little guinea pig. I had one as a child and they're sweet little creatures.

Lying on a beach with a book is the best possible holiday. :)

Mrs Jones said...

Alienne - I have to admit this was last year's artichoke flower, this year I got three mouldy leaves and that was it!

Kate - she was very, very cute and so laid back but we've decided we can't commit to having another animal in the house, as well as the two cats (who actually run this place). Beach holiday? I wish but I don't think it's gonna happen.