Saturday, 27 March 2010

I'm going to be on telly!!!

Oops, excuse me, sorry, gangway - mind out for the giant hat of smug that I'm currently balancing upon my bonce.

"But why, Mrs Jones.." I hear you ask in astonishment at my titfer's vast beauty "....are you parading such a fine example of the milliner's art?"

BECAUSE I'M GOING TO BE ON THE TELLY, THAT'S WHY!! *ahem* apologies for the shouting, but there was much jumping up and down on the spot and clapping of hands in glee earlier in the week when I received an email confirming that I had been successful in getting tickets for the filming of the next series of QI.  What?  I am SO going to be on the telly.  You don't even know.  Shut up.

Okay, so it's just in the audience but where are you going to be on the evening of 21 May 2010? I'll bet it won't be sitting in a television studio on the South Bank of the Thames in Ye Olde London Towne, laughing along to the smug, middle class (but hilarious) humour of Stephen Fry, Alan Davies and assorted guests, eh? TLH and I will though!!!

Mind you, I've been on the waiting list for at least two years so it's about bloody time, frankly.  You can get tickets from The Applause Store for loads of telly programmes, and they're all free but just bear in mind it can take a very long time for your name to come up.  But it's terribly exciting when it does!


Lewis William said...

Oh I am envious! Goodness knows what I'll be doing that night. Sulking, I expect.

Ali said...

Oh I will put that date in my diary and look out for you! Is this going to be your lifelong "claim to fame" do you think????

Mrs Jones said...

Why, Mr William, how very lovely of you to visit! I shall also be drinking cocktails earlier in the evening, no doubt, prior to being ushered into Sir Stephen Fry's hallowed presence.

Ali - They're only recording the programme that night, dunno when it's being transmitted, probably not until later in the year. Actually, I have a much better 'claim to fame'. Do you remember a house makeover show called 'House Invaders' a few years back? The premise being that Anna Ryder Richardson and some hunky boys turned up at a house to tart up a couple of rooms only using what they found on the premises? They did TLH's sister's house in Malvern and I was on it throughout along with sister-in-law. This was about 2003, I think. Also, in 1981, I was on a 'teen/yoof' programme reviewing new singles and films with Daley Thompson. TLH and I also managed to get into the studio audience for a taping of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in California when we were there on our honeymoon in 1996. And I was also in the audience for a taping of Smells Like Reeves and Mortimer back in 1991, so I'm pleased to say I have some experience at sitting down and laughing in the right places!

Kella said...

Have fun.

sas said...


LittleBrownDog said...

Oh, you will have to let us know when it's going to be on air so we can keep our eyes peeled for your ginormous hat of smug - which, who knows, may even eclipse that of SF (although it will need to be very VERY large indeedy...) Have a ball and enjoy.

PS I was on telly for a short flash of the blink-and-you'll-miss-it variety last year. Twas only the local news, though, and probably only glimpsed by one man and his dog.

Oooh - word verification is mania - how very appropriate.