Friday, 5 February 2010

Cushiony goodness

I've finished the crochet cushion cover that I started a few weeks ago.  It's come out really well.  I used a jumper from a charity shop for the back.  The colours just sing together.  The picture below is before I made it up although the squares have been sewn together (the tablecloth is from Gudrun Sjoden)

I used a jumper from a charity shop for the back, and got a 14" square cushion pad off eBay.  And this is what it looks like finished off:


I'm now in the process of finishing off another cushion cover, this time mostly in black (yes, I know there's a square missing at the top):
I have a black jumper for the back of this one.  I'll show you when I've finished it.

I'm also making some granny triangles.  Not sure what I'll use them for at the moment, but they'll make some interesting shapes when sewn together.  Perhaps a scarf or something. 

The circles and stars blanket/throw/thing is slowly getting larger, I'll post a picture next time.

And, frankly, this is what I've been doing for most of this year so far.  Not much to talk about which is why I've not been blogging.  I've kind of fallen into a bit of a fugue state - I have life full of ennui at the moment.  I'm sure there's stuff I could write about but, you know, I just can't be arsed right now. I don't seem to have that ability to make good copy out of everyday life so I hope you'll forgive me if my blogging gets a bit sporadic.

TLH and I did, though, go and stare at our new niece this afternoon.  I presented her with the crochet baby blanket I made specially for her - she looked suitably thrilled:

Because she came out bum first, her head doesn't have that weird squashed and pointy look, although she's still channelling Winston Churchill:

She didn't have much to say for herself although her dad says she's perfected farting already.  Can't think how she can possibly be related to me then.....


Kella said...

By golly she a cutie.

Loving the crocheted cushions, how long does it take to make them perfect winter projects.

katyboo1 said...

She is adorable, but not yet as pretty as your cushions. She will no doubt grow into her gorgeousness!

I love that housey thing on the shelf behind the cushion btw.

Mrs Jones said...

Kella - she did seem very cute, but then she was asleep the entire time we were there! The granny squares were small, only two rounds and each one took about 10 minutes to do. There were 49 in this particular size cushion, so that's just over 8 hours to do the front. It probably takes about another hour or so to sort out the back. It's an ideal project to do in front of the telly, a few at a time.

Katy - if she ends up like her brother, she'll have huge blue eyes and curly strawberry blonde hair. But, yes, my cushions ARE lovely! The little house thing on the serving hatch shelf is a Thai spirit house that we got on Koh Samui when we went there in about 2002. Every house has one in their front garden there and it houses the spirits of their ancestors. I've just looked on eBay and Google but I don't think they're easily available here, which is a shame, because they're lovely things.

Claire said...

Love the cushion, might have to put it on the list of future projects.

Sweet photo of your niece, oblivious to all the excitement around her. No doubt you will be whipping up some super pressies for her in the coming years, lucky girl.

Mrs Jones said...

Claire - Hi! Nice to hear from you (are you okay?) - I used the fabulous Attic24 blog for tutorials on how to construct the cushion -

peevish said...

Beautiful yarn-craft, Mrs. J.!

And congrats on your niece. You will spoil her, I suppose, as is your right.

Maureen said...

Oh those cushions are fabulous, and the baby is so sweet, I want to give her a cuddle, you will have to do it for me !!
I have been beavering away at my crochet too, which I will blog about when I have made more squares. I am making a throw for my grand-daughters chair in her bedroom, so it's all in girlie colours.