Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Half a week of indulgence ahoy

Dinner tonight was a frankfurter sausage sandwich, complete with onions, French's American Mustard and tomato ketchup, followed by chocolate mousse. I've changed the bedclothes and put my pillows in the middle rather than on the left hand side. I can play my music as loud as I like and I can watch whatever I want on the telly without feeling guilty.

Why? Because The Husband is away on business. We had to get up at the godawful hour of 3.30 this morning to get to Gatwick airport but now my time is my own until probably Friday.

I'm typing this at the same time as watching 'Twilight' and thinking how annoying the Kristen Stewart ('Bella') character is but how groovy the Washington State landscape looks - very Twin Peaks. It is very much a teen movie and pretty formulaic, but I can see its appeal. This is not the sort of film The Husband would be much interested in (admittedly, I don't do 'chick flicks' either - but this has vampires!) BUT HE'S NOT HERE!!!

Don't feel too sorry for him, though, he may be on a business trip but it's in central Rome (his hotel is right behind the Pantheon) and the temperature out there is currently a sunny 31 degrees centigrade/88 degrees Fahrenheit while here, in England, in summer, it's currently raining and 67 degrees C/19 degrees F.

The redecorating is very nearly complete - the floor is down, the old curtains have been put back up until I can find some new ones, pictures are starting to be put back up, and it's looking bloody fab. I'll post some photos tomorrow, especially for Ms Shoes. But that's after I've lain in bed for several hours reading first....

PS. WTF? Since when did vampires play baseball?

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