Thursday, 5 February 2009

5 Interesting Facts about Belgium

I have been challenged over at Belgian Waffle to find 5 interesting facts about Belgium and then write a poem about them.

Below is my effort - please be kind, at least I fulfilled the brief:

Oil painting was invented by Jan van Eyck
Eddy Merckx was the world's best rider of the bike
The last Mexican Empress was a belgian, Charlotte
24 million Ecstasy tabs annually - it's a lot
And the Belgians brew 800 kinds of beer
And drink an average 150 litres per person per year

(All facts found at Interesting Facts About Belgium)


Mrs Trefusis said...

love the poem. totally brilliant. Brava, brava!

Jaywalker said...

Yes, I agree. Amazing! Also, the first time anyone has actually done their penance to my knowledge, so double brava.