Tuesday 3 May 2016

Swiftwatch 2016

So after a few weeks of wandering around giving myself neck-ache through constant staring at the sky, I finally saw my first pair of Swifts for 2016!  Well, in the UK at least.  We went to Venice for our 20th wedding anniversary a month ago, and the swifts were swooping around the skies over the Grand Canal so technically speaking I have already seen them this year but not in the UK, until today. 

I've been logging on my blog the first time I see the swifts every year since 2009 and the earliest has been 22 April in 2010 and the latest (so far) 5 May in 2014 so this year's aren't quite as late as I thought.  Then again, it doesn't really matter when they arrive as long as they get here, because that means summer's definitely on the way, and the forecast for this coming weekend down here in Surrey is for temperatures to be warmer than Tenerife!  Hooray!

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