Sunday, 18 November 2012

Iris Scarf - Taa-daah!

Not had a Taa-daah post for a while but I've finally finished something so I can show you!

You may recall this post way back in the mists of February this year when I went to the Unravel Show at Farnham Maltings and came back with some lovely hand-dyed wool and a kit from The Natural Dye Studio to make a rather stunning crochet scarf.

Well, I finally got round to starting the scarf in June this year and half-heartedly worked at it, on and off, throughout this year's 'summer' until I eventually got into it and knuckled down about a month ago, finally finishing it off yesterday.

I couldn't get my head around the pattern for each 'snowflake' to begin with, and then the pattern called for joining them as you go, which further did my head in, until I had a word with myself, started to concentrate a bit and realised, actually, that the pattern was pretty easy and the joining was logical as long as I paid a bit of attention.

I tend to do my knitting/crochet at night in front of the telly and, yes, there was some unravelling necessary when I got distracted by Dexter or The Walking Dead and realised I'd cocked up the stitch or, more likely, had forgotten what came next so this, for me, was most definitely not a mindless piece of crochet-as-meditation - I actually had to be actively involved!

But it's finished!  And it's lovely!  And the colours are stunning! And, no, I'm not going to block it because that would drive me insane!

As it's a gorgeously sunny morning here today at Jones Towers, I took the opportunity to drape the scarf over the bridge handrail to photograph it in all its glory for you all:

Isn't it lovely?

I have a bit of wool left over in all the colours so what I'm going to do now is make up some more of the individual 'snowflakes' to hang as Christmas decorations, either on the tree or in windows.

If you fancy getting one of the kits yourself, you can get it here although I think they're out of stock at the moment.  The kit comes with all the wool and the pattern but you'll need to get yourself a 2.75mm crochet hook.  And it really is very easy - if you can crochet a chain, a half-treble and a treble then you can make this scarf.